How We Do It


At Web Coders Hub, our skilled experts strategically design and integrate essential components to craft a comprehensive Amazon automation solution.


Within the framework of Web Coders Hub, we precisely conduct research to identify profitable and high-demand products, ensuring optimal results and increased sales.


Web Coders Hub commits to optimizing your Amazon presence, boosting conversion rates and maximizing product visibility to accelerate sales.


At Web Coders Hub, our commitment is to deliver measurable outcomes, driving significant sales growth for your business through Amazon automation.

What’s in it for you ?

At Web Coders Hub, our goal is to optimize your eCommerce efficiency with Amazon Automation. We specialize in creating streamlined processes that enhance your product visibility and sales performance on Amazon, ensuring your offerings are always optimized and easily accessible to customers.


At Web Coders Hub, our Amazon Automation service involves meticulous market research to pinpoint top wholesalers and manufacturers. We excel in listing and marketing their products on Amazon, driving sales, and maximizing profitability for your business.


Specializing in sourcing products from various online retailers, Web Coders Hub excels in reselling them on Amazon at competitive prices. Our strategy focuses on identifying products available at lower costs elsewhere and leveraging this advantage to generate profits through Amazon FBA.

Brand Exploration

At Web Coders Hub, we specialize in Amazon Automation, meticulously gathering and analyzing data on target audiences and their purchasing behaviors. Our goal is to optimize your brand's presence by tailoring effective strategies, identifying optimal products and pricing strategies, and curating wholesale selections for Amazon. Throughout this process, we prioritize securing reliable suppliers to meet all sourcing needs.

Product Presentation

Our Amazon Automation experts at Web Coders Hub precisely craft product listings to enhance visibility and sales. We conduct in-depth keyword research, create compelling product descriptions, and curate visually engaging imagery to ensure your products stand out. By optimizing visibility and pricing strategies, we aim to maximize conversions and maintain product prominence on the platform.

Efficient Operations

Web Coders Hub offers comprehensive Amazon FBA services designed for streamlined operations. We manage orders efficiently, oversee inventory meticulously, and ensure meticulous documentation for one-piece product delivery to your customers. With a focus on storage optimization and precise tracking, we handle customer inquiries and returns promptly, allowing you to automate the Amazon FBA process and concentrate on scaling your business.

Hands-Free Account Management

From initial product sourcing to ongoing store management, Web Coders Hub handles every aspect of Amazon Automation for you. Our seasoned e-commerce professionals excel in providing turnkey Amazon FBA automation services, ensuring your account operates smoothly with minimal intervention required. As your sales grow and customer traffic increases, we maintain your account with precision, facilitating multiple profit margins effortlessly.

Packages We Have

At Web Coders Hub, we offer tailored, cost-effective packages made to meet your needs, streamlining the operation of your e-commerce platform. Our goal is to allow you to achieve maximum sales, increased customer traffic, and varied profit margins through automated wholesale operations on Amazon.

Business Setup

  • Company Registration
  • Reseller Certificate
  • Amazon Account Setup

Digital Presence

  • Domain
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Email Setup

Business Execution

  • Supplier Acquisition
  • Brand Approval
  • Gated / Un-Gated Check
  • Product Analysis
  • ROI Estimation
  • Order Placement
  • Prep Services Coordination
  • Inventory Management
  • Amazon Account Management

Profit Split: 60/40


Billed Annually

Profit Split: 80/20


Billed Annually

Profit 100%


Billed Annually

Above package does not include Amazon Fee, Marketing Budget, Legal & Registration,
Inventory Cost, Shipping, Campaign Budget and Shopify Account.